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    A football jacket belonging to Amos Alonzo Stagg Jr, whom Susquehanna's football field is named after.
    The jacket originates from 1951, an undefeated season for Susquehanna football.

    A bottle of bromo-mint medicine

    Bromo-mint is a remedy used for nervous headaches, heartburn, stomach upset, indigestion, and motion sickness. Bromo-mint was combined with water and taken orally.

    The active ingredient in bromo-mint is sodium bromide, which was historically used in other medicines as a sedative. Excessive consumption of bromine compounds can lead to a disorder called bromism. Symptoms of bromism include confusion, memory loss, slurred speech, tremors, ataxia, muscle weakness, bromoderma, and neurological symptoms resembling schizophrenia. There are reports of death by bromism following the ingestion of bromo-mint.

    Bromo-mint was produced by Bromo Mint Company in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania.

    A broadside poster advertising the Selinsgrove Speedway Stock Car races, held in the 1950s.

    From 1959-1962, races were only held on special occasions such as the Fourth of July, Labor Day, and the Selinsgrove Fair Week. This race was held on Labor Day, suggesting that the poster originates from the late 1950s.

    A copy of the Selinsgrove Times from June 23, 1932.

    A medal given to the 131st regiment of Civil War veterans when they gathered in 1905. In the photograph, veterans can be seen wearing the pins at their reunion.

    Mathias App purchased a large lot of land, including the area where the Susquehanna Valley Mall and Penn Valley Airport stand today.

    The deed for that land is signed by Simon Snyder, Anthony Selin (founder of Selinsgrove), and Catherine Selin (wife of Anthony Selin).
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