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    This 1861 Enfield rifle and bayonet was used by William J. George during the American Civil War. The collection consists of four pieces: ramrod, rifle, scabbard, and sword bayonet. All of the pieces are engraved with the same serial number, 907. The blade of the bayonet is blunt, but not sharp. It would have been used to strike the shoulder and stab; the blade would not have cut. Grooves in the rifle would have caused the bullet to spin as it flew from the barrel. The rifle is about eight inches shorter than most guns of the time, indicating that it would have been used by the navy when boarding opposing ships.

    William J. George enlisted in Union Army on January, 27 1864 (Albany, NY). He served in Company M, New York, 50th Engineer Regiment. The current owner inherited the piece from Harry W. Geisking ; it was previously passed down through the family of Geisking's wife.
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