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    This display showcase features many items related to the military career of Santo Germini, a Milton citizen who served in the United States Army during World War I and World War II.

    Santo Germini immigrated to the United States from Italy and showed his dedication to the United States through his service in World War I. His round dog tags from World War I are included in the left section of the showcase. Also in this section of the case is a shoulder patch insignia depicting an eagle holding two lighting bolts between its talons. This insignia is representative of the Army Security Agency. Several World War II military service ribbons are also included: Army Commendation (green with white stripes), Good Conduct (red with white stripes), American Defense Service (yellow with red, white, and blue stripes), and American Campaign (blue with red, white, and black stripes).

    The right section of showcase includes another Army Security Agency shoulder insignia. Also featured is Santo Germini's Registration Certificate, issued on April 27, 1942, in association with the selective service proclamation. Santo would have be required to carry this card with him at all times. .

    The focal point of the display is an American flag that was presented to the sister-in-law of Santo Germini following Santo's death.

    This composite features photographs of the Germini brothers: Santo, Paul, and Edward. The Germini brothers emigrated from Italy in the early 1900's.

    Santo and Paul immigrated to the United States; Edward settled in Brazil. During World War I and World War II, Santo served for the United States Army.

    During World War II, Milton's Chef Boyardee factory shifted their production. The plant functioned 24 hours a day to produce food rations that were sent to troops serving in the war. Pamphlets were also compiled by Chef Boyardee employees and sent overseas.

    John Meckley would have worn this employee identification badge when he worked as a plumber at the Milton Chef Boyardee plant. He was employed by Chef Boyardee during World War II.
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