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    Clement (C.) Elwood Fasold, an amateur photographer, was also a station master for PP & L and photographer for the Pennsylvania railroad.

    Due to his affiliation with the railroad, the Fasold's were able to travel very often. This picture depicts Sarah (background) preparing to board a Pennsylvania Canal boat.

    In 1915, the first reunion for boatmen and other canal workers was held in Rolling Green Park. Every year a new button was produced, bearing a photo of mules or boatmen's captains. The buttons were sold for twenty-five cents to help fund the reunion. The reunions transformed throughout the years with a location change to the recreational field in Port Trevorton and a conversation to a reunion of the sons of the boatmen. The last reunion was held in 1956. This is the largest known collection of canal buttons in existence. Other reunion memorabilia can be found in the National Canal Museum in Easton.
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