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    The handle of this buttonhook advertises Ely Biow for Shoes, a shoe store that was located on Market Street in Sunbury.

    Buttonhooks were used to fasten buttons on shoes, boots, and spats (a fabric cover worn over the instep and ankle).

    This railroad tie and spike were found in the Doughty mine. The Doughty mine was located a few miles south of Sunbury, near Selinsgrove. During the mid-1800's, experimental digging in search of zinc and galena occurred at the mine.

    H. E. Marshall Meat Market was a family business located on Pine Street in Sunbury during the early 1900's.

    The horses in the photographs were named Petty Bay and Petty May.

    Congregation Beth-El in Sunbury was first charted in 1911. This document, dated 1919, outlines the creation of the congregation as corporation.

    The document is signed by many businessmen of the Sunbury area.

    In June of 1972, Sunbury held a celebration commemorating the two hundred year anniversary of the city's founding in 1772. Souvenir pieces, such as this plate and glass, were sold.

    This program publication celebrated the first decade of the Interstate Baseball League of Professional Baseball Clubs. The league was started in 1939 with four founding clubs, including the Sunbury Club.

    In 1948, eight clubs from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland were in the league. Three former members (Bridgeport, CT; Hazelton, PA; Reading, PA) were also recognized in the publication.

    At the time of the publication, David Kelly, Steve Filipowicz, and Richard Libby of the Sunbury Club held league records.

    These postcards depict the changes made to the Neff Hotel property throughout the years,

    Purchased by the Neff family in 1866, the Washington Tavern (House) originally stood on the land where the Neff Hotel was built. In 1883, the building was torn torn and a brick structure was built in it's place.

    Two stories were added to the Neff Hotel in 1922. The final construction project, a roof garden, was completed in 1929 prior to the stock market crash.

    The hotel was in the Neff family for 102 years when it was sold in 1968. Since being sold, the building has been torn down.

    This high school diploma was awarded to Irwin McCarty on May 23, 1891 from Purdytown High School.

    During the mid-1800's, Sunbury politician Truman H. Purdy purchased and developed multiple tracts of land to the east of Sunbury. The land was named Purdytown after him.

    A similar naming situation arose with J. W. Cake and the Caketown land. Purdytown and Caketown are now considered to be part of Sunbury.

    The Hotel Shikellamy was built in 1891 by the Drumheller brothers of Sunbury. The hotel burned to the ground on May 4, 1898. A large dining room on the property accommodated the many travelers that were brought to the area by train and canal.

    Interview with Walt Holda conducted during the Sunbury History Harvest, April 8, 2017
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