Pennsylvania History Harvest


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Bo Fasold on Hotel Shikellamy.

Edward Neff with photos of the schools in Sunbury, Hotel Neff, and a professional baseball team in Sunbury.

Glenda Strouse who brought some Civil War artifacts with her.

Steve Williams with photographs from his great grandfather.

Edward Scholl with photos of the staff for the Nite-Kraft factory

Jack Nentwig who brought in an original documented "Star-Spangled" banner, a mini flag, and an old business card

Donn Miller talking about photographs, artifacts, and old newspapers

Lester Marshall Jr. brought in old black & white pictures and postcards

Walt Holda with the original Charter of the Jewish Synagogue of Sunbury

Bicentennial artifacts, Edison night light, and a print of Fort Agusta from Doug Eroh

Dorcas Dailey with an 1891 high school diploma from Purdy Town

Postcards, his father's high school yearbook from 1929, and his father's Sunbury History Composition book from Allen Bubb

Madeline Ackley & Noah Karge with pictures from the 1936 flood, a shoehook, and a railroad tie from the Doughty Mine